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Best AC repair service in Jaipur

In this implausible heat air conditioner is a necessity and when it comes to air conditioning repairing in Unique Service are best in Jaipur. We have experts in this field and offer repairing in most reasonable prices.

A.C Product

Need of Air Conditioner repairing?

It is a machine. Changing filters is its demand and it can be done by anyone but others require professionals. Our team is NATE certified available 24/7 to help our customers. NATE means we are skilled technicians and fix the problem in a one go. So, if you are in trouble call us anytime in Jaipur at 9610505000.

We take 100% responsibility when we take anything to repair and give 100% guarantee to our customers. We are licensed in air conditioner repairing, installation, sales and maintenance.

Besides repairing we also offer all brands of A.C which have low energy consumption and high efficiency that have high energy STAR rating. These factors concludes minimum price with maximum comfort in terms of cooling with low sound. What separates us from others is discount, rebates and you do not have to wait. They are available right now. We comprehend our customers and know each individual has different needs. So, you can take a free evaluation according to your needs or book an appointment right away with the phone number provided above.

We provide air conditioner in the most affordable prices. Unlike other contractors and shops we have policies which are made totally from the point of view of a common man. You can learn more about our schemes by calling at one of our offices in Jaipur.

Air Conditioner should be compatible with the air furnace and fuel handlers. These small things largely affect the A.C efficiency, durability and age.

How much would a new A.C cost?

It entirely depends from home to home. The size of room or hall decides the prize and customer support is available here to take a free analysis of your home. It is distributed into four categories.

1.Small House

  1. Basic Efficiency

  2. Single Heating

  3. Simple AQC (Air Quality Control)

  4. Less Warranty required

  5. The above specifications are good up to area of 1500 square feet.

2. Average House

  1. Regular Efficiency

  2. Single Heating

  3. Slightly high AQC

  4. Basic Warranty Requires

  5. These specification suits best up to area of 3000 square feet.

3.Large Houses

  1. Zoning with High Efficiency

  2. Multiple Heating

  3. Better QAC

  4. Extended Warranty Requires

  5. These specification suits best up to area of 7000 square feet.

4.Villa/ Luxury Houses

They differ from other in terms to comfort and area and they normally have area more than 8000 square feet.

  1. Zoning with Premium Efficiency

  2. Multiple Heating

  3. High QAC

  4. Extended Warranty

The Key factor is the adjusting the thermostat. People charge very high due to ignorance of people but we do not do that. Thermostat adjustment demands professional touch and we do it very bets and very cheap in Jaipur. It does not matter whether your conditioner demand HVAC check, our NATE professionals fix the inevitable costly problems. We do not bribe customers with advisors. Our services are crystal clear. We fix problems in the first place which are there and charge for things only which have to be taken into account.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our motto is customer should be fully satisfied with our services and had good experience with us that they never had before when it comes to A.C repairing.

What is Air Conditioning?

It was invented in 1908. It is a procedure to modify properties of humidity and temperature (Air) with the objective to have the conditioned area in a certain area to soar up comfort. It includes process of cooling, de-cooling, cleaning, humidity, ventilation to adjust air.

Who need A.C repair?

If you’re A.C is working fine then there is no need of inspection but there could be an emergency where your A.C can stop functioning. To avoid emergencies be focused on three things.

  1. Too Much Noise

  2. It is a device which is designed to work as quietly as possible. In case, it is making more noise than usual then it need to be check. Noise affects the ventilation system, disconnected parts or most probably gear motor rotation has been affected. Keep in mind this thing before the situation worsens.

  3. Air Filter

  4. This problem is the most common and it happens in 99% of the conditioners. This factor depends on the age which affects the air conditioning. Regular inspections of air filter make sure maximum air flow which also improves the quality. If you are facing problems with air filters it is the best time to take inspection by our skilled technicians.

  5. Not Enough Cool

  6. I have experienced this problem many times. The efficiency of cooling declines and it cool less than it used to be or it is taking more time to reach desired temperature. These are the sign you are compromising. These problems should be immediately fixed before the machine stops functioning. There are rumors among people with A.C repairing to costly. It is not. This is because people do not know the full functioning. Cooling problems can be easily fixed by refilling coolant. It coolant is not the problem than you have compromised for long as other parts has been affected.

The structure of air conditioners is complex. It is designed to meet certain load on the system. It has simple mechanism of some quantity of refrigerant. The refrigerant has to maintain air flow between the coils.

The air conditioning depends upon the area. If there is too much heat indoors due to many people or appliances that heat up too much, then it will not be able to keep up. The decline in quantity of refrigerant commence to effect efficiency and energy consumption.

It is able to keep up with the temperature with proper air flow across the coils and if airflow of condenser is lowered down in any way (due to outdoor temperature) it will not withstand. In Jaipur, where the temperature reaches easily to 45 degree centigrade, this is the most common problem people face.

Now days malfunctioning A.C could be proved health hazardous too many people. Summers effect mostly the old age people and children if there is not fully functioning A.C. It is required to call a technician if conditioner is not working to its capability. When the summer is not at its zenith, air conditions keep up but they fail to cool after certain temperature if the machine is not kept intact.

Air Duct Role

The sealing of leaking air duct would work most of the time but replacement of dirty filters, maintain the right airflow among coils, regular cleaning of coils would keep the system more efficient and last longer. Condenser must not block the air flow and it should be in sight and other things that might be clogging.

If you have made up your mind to replace it with a new one, always seek for energy efficient. The energy efficient are not costly and they have SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of at least 13.

Depending on temperature of Jaipur SEER of 13 is not the requirement but the necessity. Higher SEER works better and keep your home in a good state.

How to Improve Cooling?

This is not one of the best but considered as good. Reduce the load on conditioner by turning off the unnecessary power supply to appliances. Reduce the internal load on A.C and it works more efficiently than previously.

Increase the insulation level of house such as windows. There is one thing that most people don’t do is “Roof Cooling”. Cover the roof with the carpet or anything like that’ sunlight will not directly fall on the roof surface.

There are certain things that people think they can pull out on their own. Some of them are as follows:

1. Never switch Thermostat to the fan on Position. This will deteriorate the cooling system as fan blow air all the time regardless whether the cooling system is switched on or not.

2. Appliances like bathing, washing, etc. create too much moisture inside. Exhaust fans must be used to remove the unnecessary moisture.

Unique Service do all repairing. We do not only repair A.C but also have specialization in Microwave and Washing Machine repairing.

  1. Service and Repair

  2. We are the leading company of A.C Services and dealers. We repair all kinds of conditioner like Split AC, Window AC and central air conditioning. It does not matter to us whether you have modern conditioner of obscure technology.

    We comprehend the necessity of our customers and how frustrating a broke damaged air conditioner is. You can trust us and we will get you on track as soon as possible. All you have to do is give us a call and our manger would send someone according to your convenience and if it is an emergency we will try our best to get to you fast.

    We know our customer time is valuable. You do not have to wait. We are punctual and always reach on the appointed time. He will do an inspection and tell you the exact problem and fix them at the moment. We always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and this Unique Service Jaipur is all about.

    As soon as you reach out to us, we will send our technician. He is a trained expert who always deals with politeness. He will listen to your problems first and seek the damage part and fix it at that moment.

  3. AC Installation

  4. When a new A.C comes to home and ready to install, our amicable staff would vigilantly and professionally do that. We are focused on our work and know not to disturb living area. Before doing anything, we lay down a carpet on floor in the installation region to keep your place as it was. We take cleaning and protection of our customer house seriously and leave it cleaner than before.

    We are the best choice of locals and do installation work for most of the corporate and industries in Jaipur. We charge only for what we offer.

  5. 24/7 Support

  6. We say what we can offer to our customers. 24/7 technical support means we have technicians that will come to you in midnight in case of urgency.

    Our inspection includes the following:

    • Energy Saving Analysis

    • Energy Savings up to 30%.

    • Duct Alignment

    • Filter Replacement (Disposable)

    • Discount on Repair Services

    • Long Lasting System

    • Thermostat Warranty (If Replaced)

    • Visual Inspection

    • Machine Cleaning

    • Biocide Cleaning

    • Reminder through emails.

    • Pilot Adjustment

    • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Points mentioned above were focused on cooling. A good air conditioner should be able to do more than that. It should cool, ventilate heat and clean. Out of the factors the most important is the ventilation. Insufficient ventilation will lead tom comfort and skin problems. Structure of house matters in ventilation but my setting the position of fan and duct can deduce this advantage regardless of whether the house have leakier walls. Houses with small area require mechanical ventilation to fulfill the maximum cooling criterion.

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