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Best Fridge repair service in Jaipur

Unique service Jaipur is a group to solve Fridge Refrigeration problems by the people of Jaipur. We repair refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and microwave.

We comprehend need of our clients that is why we have introduced 30 minute door step services. You can be anywhere in Jaipur, our technician would reach to you within 30 minutes. We repair all kind of refrigerators and freezer brands including Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Godrej, Kelvinator, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Hitachi, Videocon and all other manufacturing companies.

We are fast and effectual in Jaipur, Rajasthan with over 2 decades of experience in Fridge refrigeration. At unique service we do what is necessary to get your refrigerator cooling again on high level. We are located at the centre of the city and it is easy for everyone to get in touch with us. We schedule appointment to our customer with our certified technician according to your convenience. In case of emergency we take less than 30 minutes.

Our objective is to keep your refrigerator working excellent that guarantees 100% satisfaction to customers. Our technicians are not some road side personnel’s but NATE certified experts. Our whole technical staff is courteous, trained and knowledgeable. They give a free inspection first and tell you the exact problem refrigerator is having. We charge affordable prices and it is our top priority to fix without the need of new parts. We are local favorites and you will experience better service than you have thought of. We charge only when the refrigerator is fully functional with maximum cooling guarantee. There are no hidden charges. We do all the things in front of clients and treat our customer as our guests.

We proclaim that our staff is expert in all the brands mentioned above with at least 5 years of experience with us. You can rely on and we deliver exactly what is need from us. We do not fix something that will stop working again after a week or two. We guarantee the work done for at least 1 month to 5 years. Once our technician spot the problem he will let you know with the guarantee before repairing. There are some things that we always do for our customers.

  1. 100% customer satisfaction.
  2. We let you the cost breakout before repairing.
  3. We prefer repairing at your place so you can see the deteriorate parts that reduces disruption and repair time. You can also get it fixed at our office.
  4. Free home service. We do not charge anything for our technician to reach to you.
  5. We repair all the brands even if it is an old one.
  6. Safety Assured.
  7. Refrigerator or Freezer is not a luxury but necessity in this hot bulging summer. It is a machine that runs 24/7 keeps everything cold inside. The working of freezers is a little complex. It could prove costly if little things are taken for granted. There are two main components of refrigerator: Evaporator coil and condenser coil. With the help of motor and compressor a liquid (coolant) is circulated in both these coils. You must have noticed the black unit at the back of refrigerator which is condenser. Almost all the fridge is frost free. To melt the frozen ice inside the refrigerator heater unit is switched on automatically though relays for some span Thermostat is turned on as soon as the ice is melted. Capacitor (generally ceramic) is used to drive the compressor system. Other parts are fans, condensers, switches. If the system is not able to cool, there is some problem with these parts and this is where our experts do their work. They know the mechanism and make you familiar exactly what is causing trouble.

    We offer 24 hours technical support. Feel free to call us anytime or come at our office.



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    Tel: +0141-5117070


    Besides repairing we also sell new refrigerator.

    When our technician comes to you at first, he will do necessary things to keep your home clean without delay at the exact appointed time. We are punctual and always reach on time. We know it is irritating when the refrigerators do not work and they should be functioning properly very soon. Before commencing anything he will enlighten with you the problem in parts. He will give all the information about the price and discount offered by Unique Service Jaipur. After completing his work, he makes sure all the things should be in the same place as it was.

    We handle more than 7000 customers in a month. We are awarded with 10 out of 10 rating with every customer who has taken our services. Do not hesitate to count on us. We have repaired almost all types of freezers and refrigerators. Some of the top most designs we have been through rigorously are:

    1. Single Door Refrigerators
    2. Double Door Refrigerator
    3. Multi Door Refrigerators
    4. French Door Refrigerators.

    Refrigerators are costly and there is necessity that it should be handled by experts. It cannot be fixed by anyone and even if it is fixed it is not energy efficient. Our experts know to set the thermostat temperature and cooling between the compressor and condenser coils to soar up the efficiency and deduce the power consumption. You can get it fixed by anyone on roadside but cost you high when you see your electricity bills. We do the same work better and in much cheap price without charging you anything to get to your place.

    What is Refrigeration?

    It is a process of heat transfer from one place to other. In fridge its application consists of air conditioning, freezers and cryogenics. Its efficiency is measured in terms of power. The refrigerators which are used in our homes are measured in Kilojoules/second. Higher the efficiency, higher the power consumption. That is why our technicians keep the efficiency optimal and power consumption minimum.

    What is Freezer?

    Its working is same as that of the refrigerator except the temperature is kept below zero degree centigrade. The heating unit is used in refrigerator to melt the ice bit it is not used in freezes as it is designed to make ice.

    The one step destination is the solution to all your problems. We faced similar trouble with our air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerators and decide to make a unique office whose motto is customer satisfaction.

    Besides repairing refrigerator we give free tips made in form of brochure according to the equipment you are using. There is no point in compromising with the poor cooling. All it requires is professional touch. There are some things that people have to keep in mind if they are compromising with their refrigerator.

    • Water leakage in summers.
    • The compressor becomes bulging hot.
    • It takes too much time to cool.
    • Freezer is not able to cope up.
    • Frosting up.
    • Not cooling at all.

    All these signs are the warning of major breakdown after sometime. If you have any of the above trouble, you surely are going to put yourself in situation where affordable become expensive.

    Compression cycle is taken into account. A flow is maintained at low vapor pressure when coolant is entered into compressor. The vapor pressure is more compressed when it leaves the compressor. This compressed pressure moves into the coils and tubes which in turn generate cooling. After a little span, condenser compresses the vapor which settles down into liquid. Still the refrigerant is under pressure but temperature is more than room temperature. The liquid is made to circulate in expansion valve which has slightly low pressure. This immediate drop in pressure results in evaporation of liquid. This is known as auto refrigeration in which latent heat is soaking up to adjacent fluid refrigerant.

    The process repeats itself in and out n coils and tube through refrigerant. Fan is kept to blow air in freezer and refrigeration compartment taking more and more latent heat.

    The cool air is returned to the compartment where it all began. The air in the evaporator is still cooler than the air in freezer or refrigerator. Refrigerant is heated to some extent when it leaves evaporator and comes back to the compressor inlet to maintain the cycle.

    There is benefit in energy star qualified refrigerators. Type 1 refrigerators are 20-25% efficient which is set by NAECA. Type 2 refrigerator are 25-50% efficient. Type 3 are maximum efficient. More than 80% refrigerators are of type 1, 13% of type 2, and just 5% are of type 3.

    The efficiency can be increased without increasing power consumption by sealing the exposed parts and perfectly matching the air and vapor pressure.

    Our technicians have been trained in this process and they know how to boost the efficiency and avoid system damage in future by sealing the fluid and moving parts from atmosphere without any probability of pollution or leakage.

    If you take other service they are most likely to deceive you. Most of the things can be done easily at the customer’s place if there are no serious damage the coils. We have been to thousands of homes and customer tells us there is problem with Freon.

    Permit us to enlighten with you something. Refrigeration has to nothing to do with Freon. Other people will trick you if you do not know about the system functionality. We have specialty that we let our customers about every minute details and if it has to do something with sealed system, you will save an inspection charge.

    It is not a question why to choose us but Unique Service Jaipur says why to pay more. Besides fixing the problems that it has we also fix that can happen in future. Some of them are as follows:

    1. We boost the magnetic field to keep the fridge doors tight even if they are held slowly.
    2. If ice is accumulating inside, we defrost it.
    3. Make sure fans are fully functional with appropriate RPM.
    4. Regulate the temperature settings.

    Prevention is better than cure and that is why Unique Service offers these services for free. Other than refrigeration and freezer repairing services, we also offer these services.

    1. A.C Repairing
    2. A.C Maintenance
    3. A.C Installation
    4. Microwave Repairing
    5. Washing Machine Repairing
    6. LCD and LED Repairing
    7. CTV Repairing
    8. BPL Service

    Repairing is done of all the Brands. We believe in deliver and let our work do the talking. We are proud to tell that we are the top and best repairing service in Jaipur.

    We also offer protection devices that will indicate people about anything wrong. That includes a water sensor indicator that will let you know when to change the water filter, temperature display that will note down the temperature reading in case of power failure. This danger leads to malfunctioning of evaporation coil and air filter, and the decimation of expansion and contraction in gas cycle.

    If you notice any bum marks at terminal screws or at the plug, then there are chances of deterioration of air filter cooling. In our free inspection we check the cable with a VOM set on RX1 scale.

    Not having a good refrigerator can affect you badly in summer. Mainly elder and children are affected by it if they are not provided with proper freezers. There things look very minute in the beginning but comes to life.

    We also offer free servicing of refrigerator door and make sure there is nothing that is degrading the life span of your equipment. One of the most important part of refrigerator if its door and we fix all the holes and leakage in it for free.

    If you want to take service then it includes complete cleaning of refrigerator. Free repairing of broken gaps, fill air coolant, condensation and full working of fan.We have been awarded with 4.9 out of 5 rating. Give us a call on our cell and we will fix an appointment with you.

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